Grupo Aelus

Grupo AELUS is a portuguese multinational that owns participations in different companies in Portugal, Italy and Brazil, engaged in the following activities:

Professional Training

Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy

Business Consulting



Information Technology


Research & Development

AELUS has a comprehensive track record on public and private partnerships, basing its policy in its capacity of adding unequivocal value on the several stages of a project.


Minato - Soluções de Energia

Company dedicated to project development, commercialization, installation and maintenance of energetically efficient and/or renewable energy systems.


Business procurement in the renewable energy sector. Its work covers the analysis of several investment areas: economical, financial, legal, structural and technical, as well as investors' procurement. ProfitAlert has recently developed investments in big photovoltaic parks in Europe.


We are a consulting and training firm specializing in individual and business solutions. We like and we are constantly assume a distinct and creative positioning in the market. In an environment increasingly demanding, an irreverent attitude is imperative but always based on projects and excellent products!


Grupo Minato arises with the intention to answer with bigger capacity, to the present and future challenges of areas of key importance to human development, as it is the cases of the diversification of the energetic matrices and the housing and construction sector.


The company emerged with the group's determination to bet on the industrialization as a key sector for its development and valued addiction. Dexter Technologies has born to position itself on the metal and mechanic industrial market, by selling its products and providing services in areas such as: ship industry, industrial maintenance, metallic structures, industrial equipments, recruiting and specialized training.


ELUPSA dedicates to the project, conception and development of computer applications (software), electronic and communications equipment (hardware) of interaction and location; retail sale of standard software, marketing, installation and maintenance of computer equipment, communications, infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, structures and mechanical equipment, training, consultancy, building construction, heating systems ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning.


Focusing its operation on LED lightning and on thermal and photovoltaic solar, Safe Energy has been establishing strategic partnerships which grant it a highly distinctive and advantageous positioning in face of the requirements both of private customers and public entities, according to the legislation promoting renewable Energy and Energy efficiency.