The structure of Aelus consists of a multidisciplinary team, which goes through finance, human resources, engineering, marketing, design, among others. This allows the group to embrace various business areas and enjoy the training, expertise and contacts of each one of these elements.

The group structure allows the development of joint projects for the same client, with a clear added value for each company. These synergies also contribute decisively to the improvement of response and customer coverage in both domestic market and international market.


The group is governed by the entrepreneur ambition of its human resources, by the development and stimulation of new projects.
The continuous search for challenges sums up the philosophy of the group.


The team that intervenes with customers, suppliers, partners and employees has the insight to understand the diverse needs of all the stakeholders in a transparent manner.
The smart method in which all the processes are managed dictates the philosophy and strategic vision for all led organizations.


Aelus is able to present the most suitable solution for each situation, combining several areas of knowledge that stem from the diverse knowledge domains of our employees.
The experience gained over the years provides a mixture of various areas of expertise enabling prompt problem solving.

Management Team

Jorge Oliveira
Portuguese, degree in Economics, Shareholder and Director of the holding and manager of all companies of the group. Collaborated in several Portuguese companies has an auditor and accountant. He collaborated on a public body as analyst for investment projects and as trainer for entrepreneurship courses. At the moment dedicates to the management of various group companies, being specifically responsible for developing investment business in photovoltaic energy production in Europe.